Men's Fitness Program

Strength Essentials in studio barbell row

Are you putting on a few lbs every year? (not the GOOD kind)

Do you feel like your best days are behind you?

Are you confused by all the conflicting information in the health and fitness world?

You are NOT alone.


Men's Fitness is often overlooked.

Guys are supposed to know what to do in the gym, right?

Get on the treadmill or go for a run...

Maybe do a circuit on the machines...

You're not 21 anymore so you can't do what those young guys are doing, lifting all that heavy weight...

Am I right?


There's a better way for you to get strong and lean.

That's what this program is all about.

I see a lot of guys who need to get healthier.

Guys that need guidance in the gym and with their nutrition.

I've learned from personal experience and from coaching men just like you

Let's get right to the point here.

---The Men's Fitness Program---


What are the benefits of the program?

  • A structured program to give you CLEAR FOCUS in the gym

  • Personal coaching to help you find a SUSTAINABLE diet for YOUR lifestyle

  • Support to keep you ACCOUNTABLE and consistent

  • Help finding your own MOTIVATION for long-term success


What is included in the program?

  • Customized workouts

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Email support

  • 15 minute call per month


Is the Men's Fitness Program for you?


  • If you need a reliable program to follow so you can stay on track

  • If you have a busy schedule and need the freedom to work out on your own schedule

  • If you want the perks of personal training at a reduced cost

  • If you can't stay consistent unless you are held accountable


The Men's Fitness Program is an online coaching program. You choose to train at a gym or home.

-Benefits of online training are:
1- Freedom to work out whenever you choose
2- There are no time constraints on workouts. (unlike personal training sessions of 30 or 60 minutes)
3- You pay less (price of this program = about 4 personal training sessions)
4- Guidance from a coach- so you get results, and don't waste your time.

The 4 Week Men's Fitness Program is $129 for new clients and $99 for returning clients. (anyone who has trained with me in the past)


To get started send me an email with "Men's Fitness Program" in the title- EMAIL ME HERE   -  strengthessentials716@gmail.com

I will get back to you within 24 hours, to get you started. Payment is through paypal at the top of this page.