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Men's Fitness is often overlooked.

Guys are supposed to know what to do in the gym, right?

Get on the treadmill or elliptical and maybe do some exercises on the machines.

You're not 21 anymore so you can't do what those young guys are doing, lifting all that heavy weight...

Am I right?

Well, there's a better way for you to get strong and lean.(I wrote about why need to lift weights here)

Your needs are unique and I know them firsthand.

Being 38 years old has helped me relate to guys of similar age/lifestyle.

I've learned from personal experience and from coaching men just like you.

30+ Men's Fitness

Are you a 30+ man who needs to get in shape?

Don't know where to start?

Maybe you just can't stand the big box gyms but you know it's time to lose some of that beer belly.

Finally a solution just for YOU.

The 30+ Men's Fitness program that is made just for guys like you.

Quick, intense workouts.

No boring treadmills or ellipticals.

No waiting for machines.

Don't worry about dealing with the crowd.

You get personal training in a private studio. Play your own music. No distractions, no bs.

This program will get you in shape without boring you to tears.

With enough variety to keep things interesting, and intensity to make progress, you will be held accountable by me, your personal coach.

No managers or sales guys trying to sell you anything.

I am your coach. You deal only with me.

We assess your current level of fitness and then start implementing a program for your specific needs.

One more thing- I don't accept everyone.

No women allowed.

Nothing against the ladies but this is a men's only program. And it's best-suited for men 30-50.

Even if you are a male in that age range you may not be accepted. I only want committed men. No wishy-washy here.

This is for the busy professional man who can't stick to a program. You can't find time to work out but you know you need to start.

If you want to know more about pricing before you sign up, I have an article written just for you here- Personal Training Prices

After you read that page, go check out my blog and learn what to eat, how to train, and lots of other tips on how to improve your life through fitness and nutrition.

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