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Online training with Strength Essentials

 Hi, Jim White here. I'm now offering online training for adults who want to get stronger.

Hi, Jim White here. I'm now offering online training for adults who want to get stronger.

Do you ever wish you had someone to write your training program for you?

How about a guy you can relate to? A guy who has struggled to transform his body and after years of setbacks, finally got it right..

A guy with over 18 years of fitness experience who can give you a routine that will work for your individual needs and background?

Someone to hold you accountable each week to make sure you are consistent?

Online coaching with Strength Essentials is the way to improve your life, by having a certified coach look at your training critically and adjust to get you results faster than on your own.

The great thing is you can go to a local gym, or your basement, at any time and the session lasts as long as necessary.

No more waiting for the lat pulldown machine! Or a squat rack.

After receiving multiple emails asking if I could set up programs I decided it was time to make this service available.

How online training works

The way online coaching works is that I start with a 30-60 minute consultation to discuss your goals, training limitations, injury history, time constraints, equipment available. 

Then I set up your individual program for the next month.

Online Training Rates

The standard program is $100 per month.

The special is 3 months for $250.

Personalized Program

Each program is personalized for you and your goals. You decide what you want to improve most and I help you get there. 

I also encourage you to send videos of your lifts so I can assess your form and make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly to get the most out of your program and stay injury-free.

Bonus Cardio/Conditioning Workouts

In addition to the strength training program, I also write out conditioning workouts upon request (1-2 per week) to complement your lifting.

Nutrition and Diet Advice

Also included is nutritional guidance. I like to have clients keep a food journal for a week and I will assess and give some guidance on optimal nutrition for your goal.

With the basic program I give weekly support and with the bonus program you can ask questions each training day.

What to do Next?

If this is something you are interested in fill out the form below.

Tell me briefly what your goals are, (make it as specific as possible) and some of your training background, eating habits, and your favorite music to listen to while working out.

If I think my training is a good fit for you, I will be in touch and we can talk about the details.

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