Personal training services Williamsville, NY

Do you struggle with motivation to start a workout plan?

Is it almost impossible to stay committed to fitness after the first month?

Maybe you just can't find the time to exercise?

You've come to the right place.


I am here to help you find a solution. Maybe I am the ideal personal trainer in Williamsville, NY for you...


Not Everyone is a Good Fit

There are many factors that go into choosing a personal trainer. Let's look at some of the most common.

1- Cost

If you want the cheapest personal training services, I am NOT the right choice for you. You can find many cheap deals for sessions or bootcamps on Groupon.

I went that route early in my fitness career, and found it was a waste of time. From my experience, the more you invest, the more committed you are.

This naturally leads to better results. Which is my priority.

Here are my personal training prices


2- Specialty

When you need landscaping done who do you call? The guy who has a lawn-cutting business and can do a little shrub work on the side?

Or do you call the specialist? (the landscaping company)

This decision is no different with personal training services.

The challenge is that most trainers will take on any client at any time.  Even if they are not a good fit for them.

I was no different when I first started as a trainer.

Now I only accept clients who I know will be a good fit.

What that means is simple: people who want to get stronger.

Men/women of any age, CAN and WILL get stronger by following a sound Strength Training program.

This is what I do and I do it extremely well.

If you don't know the benefits of Strength Training, here is an article for you to check out. BENEFITS OF STRENGTH TRAINING

3- Location

When choosing a personal trainer you also have to consider location. Is the trainer part of a big commercial gym like LA Fitness?

Or is he/she working out of a private studio? (like me in Williamsville, NY)

In big gyms you may have to work out with other people, wait for equipment. You may pay less, but you should be aware of the differences and ask questions before signing up.

Each location will have different equipment. If you're someone who wants to use machines and do plenty of cardio you may want a big health club.

We would not be a good fit if you don't want to use free weights.

4- Personality

Every trainer has a different way of communicating, motivating, and teaching.

Not every trainer will be a good fit, just like not every client is a good fit.

Some clients want the drill sergeant. Others want a more calm and sympathetic trainer. 

You will develop a rapport with a personal trainer. If something doesn't feel right, then keep on looking.

There's no reason you should hire someone you aren't comfortable with and confident in.

One issue with hiring a personal trainer at a big commercial gym is you may get assigned a trainer and you won't have any choice.

When you go to a small studio you will work with an independent trainer and no one else.


I hope this article helps as you search for personal training in Williamsville, NY. If you think we would be a good fit you can sign up for a free assessment. Sign Up Here