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There's more and more published research that shows strength training is the most important form of exercise for any age.

But honestly, who needs research when you have real-world results? I’ve seen how hard physical training can totally transform your life with effort and consistency.

Strength Essentials716 is not about getting 6-pack abs. It's about improving your quality of life with the most effective method there is: Strength Training.

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You will start at the level that is appropriate for you, challenging yourself in small increments week by week.


What some of my clients say -

"Jim will listen to your goals and help you fulfill them. He knows what works and motivates you to stick with it...he's also personable and can help you get thru your workout and have fun doing it. Highly recommend!"- Tom Herr

"For me, Jim puts a positive, friendly, helpful face on the daunting world of fitness. We all know we're supposed to be doing SOMETHING, but it's a struggle to understand how to start... And you couldn't meet a nicer guy - which is important when he's asking you to lift weights at 6 am. HIGHLY recommended." - Steve Pierpaoli

"Jim is a friendly and motivational personal trainer that I would recommend to anyone interested in starting or improving their exercise routine." - Mark Ciemcioch


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