How Strength Training can BUILD You Up, help you LIFT others up AND blaze your Own Trail





Jim here. This is my website that I share my life experiences in Strength and Fitness to help you get physically AND mentally stronger on your journey.

I was a skinny kid playing sports for many years until my teen years when I quit sports and took up partying and chasing girls.

A few years later I got kicked out of college, totaled my car and put on thirty plus pounds from beer and subs.

It was at that point I decided to change my life. A big part of that change was fitness.

Back then you learned from the other guys at the gym, bodybuilding magazines or if you were lucky you had someone in your family help you.

I made every mistake you can think of.

At times I did too much, other times I didn't do enough.

Sometimes I did stupid things that didn't help me reach my goals.

Over the two decades since, I've tried many training programs, diet plans, and took plenty of notes.

My experiences helped me learn a great deal about training to get stronger, gain muscle, shed fat and gain strength FOR life.

It's my intention to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you gain strength for your life.

Physical AND mental strength are crucial to living a successful life.

That’s why I wrote The Strength for Life Manifesto. A short e-book that will inspire you to rise up and tackle any obstacle that stands in your way.