Fat Dad Fix


Fat Dad Fix

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The “FAT Dad Fix” Fitness Coaching Program is designed for busy Dads 35-55+ looking to lose 20+ pounds who are sick & tired of being SICK & TIRED. 

Maximize your time and investment with our structured program focused on gaining muscle, losing fat and improving overall quality of life. 

Be a better father and example to your family by taking time to take care of yourself.  Take the guesswork out of your workouts with our clear, concise and effective programming.

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Included with Download:

  • Instructions on how to succeed with the Fat Dad Fix Program

  • 4 Resistance training workouts per week with Gym option (with equipment) AND Home option (no equipment)

  • 4 Conditioning workouts to complete at home or gym (with equipment or bodyweight only)

  • Nutrition guide with a macronutrient breakdown AND shopping list

  • Progress Grid to track your workouts/nutrition/conditioning to monitor your progress and hold you accountable