Level UP 45


Level UP 45

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Level UP 45 is a complete 6 week fitness program that will transform your life.

45 days to focus on becoming the BEST version of yourself.

All bodyweight workouts provided- no gym or equipment required.

3 workouts per week plus two additional cardio/interval sessions per week included.

Nutrition guidance included.

Weekly check-ins with your coach to keep you on track.

All you need to do is bring your effort and stay consistent to improve your life tremendously.

Build physical AND mental strength, along with healthy habits and discipline that carries over into every area of your life.

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Are you stuck in your program?

Do you hate going to globo gyms?

Have you been slacking off for months?

My new program LEVEL-UP 45 is ready to launch.

Reply to this post if you are interested in more info.

Here’s the basics:

I have a new program called Level-UP 45.

Created for the guy or girl who needs to get back to working out regularly but doesn’t want to go to a gym.

The program requires no equipment, but if you have some (weights or cardio) you can include it in the workouts.

45 days to Level-UP your fitness and health.

This is a program for you if you :

-Don’t like gyms
-Can’t stay consistent with exercise
-Struggle with diet (or lack of)
-Not sure how to start, or what the best workout is for your current fitness ability
-Need guidance but can’t train with me in-person due to location, work schedule or funds.

Get started on your own transformation today. There is no better time to strengthen your body and mind. TAKE ACTION!