Rebel Fitness

Rebel Fitness

-Do you get bored easily with a training program?

-Can’t stay consistent with your workouts?

-Do you like variety but lose focus without a plan?

-When you see the average gym bro do you want to do the exact opposite?

The Rebel Fitness program is for you.

This workout program is a culmination of two decades gym experience.

I struggled with the same challenges as you.

This program is what I needed decades ago. A training plan that gives you structure to stay on track, while also allowing for variety and flexibility to work around your lifestyle.

I tried ALL the programs

I tried many good programs. Each one taught me something valuable, but there was always something missing.

After much trial and error, I started to develop my own training style.

Rebel Fitness is the training plan that works with your lifestyle, not the other way around.

You don’t always have the perfect 60 minutes + to complete your squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

If you’re like me, sometimes you only have 20 minutes and no gym available.

This program gives you options every day. When you have more time you can choose the big workouts.

On days you have less time or energy, there are short workout options.

Get in the best shape of your life

What you get with the Rebel Fitness program:

  • Daily workouts that allow you to train around your lifestyle.

  • Structured plan that keeps you focused on your individual goals

  • “Choose your own adventure” option each day to avoid boredom and make consistent progress

  • Access to exclusive group coaching in a closed-facebook group

  • Nutrition coaching to help you stay on track with your diet plan

  • Daily access to your own personal coach- get your questions answered the same day

BONUS- Meal Prep Minimalist ebook (for guys who hate cooking)

-Discover how meal-prep can be quick and simple

-Learn the exact cooking template I’ve used to save time/money and eat for strength and health.

-Find out the easiest way to prepare healthy meals with the least amount of time spent in the kitchen.

-Finally no more guesswork with your diet. Follow the simple plan and gain muscle, get lean and gain energy.

BONUS 2- Weekly Challenges

Every Monday you will have a new challenge for the week.

These challenges will be great for your body AND mind.

We all need to be pushed further than we want to go.

That’s where challenges come in. They will be hard enough to push you outside your comfort zone, but not too hard that you won’t do them.

Example- 5 sets of 50 jumping jacks when you wake up. Every day of the week.


To get started with the REBEL FITNESS PROGRAM just scroll to the top of this page and make your payment through paypal. (newsletter subscribers pay $19.99)

After payment goes through, you will be signed up for the next month to receive a workout EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Be on the lookout for an email that will provide you with the first week of workouts, along with the free e-book MEAL PREP MINIMALIST.

Next, go to facebook and look up REBEL FITNESS, if I haven’t added you already.

Request to be added to the group. This will be a closed group for all members of the REBEL FITNESS PROGRAM.

This group will be updated daily with workouts, support and will be a free space for you to share your fitness journey and find answers to training questions.

This is like having your own personal coach without having to enter a big box gym.


One final note-

Only serious applicants please. You want results, you have come to the right place.

If you don’t want to put in the work, don’t sign up.