Are you a tall skinny guy who struggles to get bigger and stronger?

This is my solution for you.


It comes from over two decades of experience working on my own tall/skinny body and as a trainer working with tall skinny fellas across the globe.

The Lanky Guy Solution is an ebook that will help guide you from where you are now (tall and skinny and weak) to where you want to be (big, strong and rugged).

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What is the "Lanky Guy Solution"?

This ebook is for you if you are tall (over 6'1") and skinny AND frustrated with being called slim/giraffe/skinny/thin/skin and bones/tin-man etc..

Everyone has their own definition of skinny but generally if you're over 6' and less than 175 lbs. you are skinny.

For example, I'm 6'3" and if I don't get my weight above 210 lbs. I look skinny.

Bigger and Stronger

If you have been trying to get bigger and stronger but have failed to achieve the size and strength you desire, this is the solution for you.

The ebook includes chapters on the principles of:

  • Training- what are the most optimal exercises, programs, technique for tall skinny guys.
  • Nutrition- what diet mistakes you must avoid to get bigger and not waste time/money.
  • Mindset- how to get your mind right to stay on track and make continuous progress, even when faced with challenges.

Simple No-BS Information for the Lanky Guy

I was tired of getting skinny/fat and injured and wondering why other guys in the gym seemed to get bigger and stronger SO MUCH FASTER and EASIER than me.

After wasting money on supplements that don't do work, and getting hurt trying to do professional bodybuilder programs, I started to learn what works and what doesn't.

It took me much longer than it would have, if only I had the right information.

There was no guide for us tall skinny guys. Everything was written for the stocky guy of average height.

So I decided to put together this solution for guys like you.

It includes everything you need to get bigger/stronger naturally, without getting injured and wasting your money on bogus supplements.

Main points:

  • Training principles for optimal strength and muscle
  • Crucial mistakes to avoid
  • Simple, no-nonsense nutrition principles
  • Mindset principles to keep you motivated and making progress without setbacks

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