A month of cardio/ taking action


My t-shirts have been getting drenched in sweat.

For the past month I've increased my cardio activity. It was necessary for two reasons.

First, because I went for a run on the beach and realized I was huffing and puffing way too fast.

Second, because I dislike it. A lot.

You have probably heard me say, you gotta do those things you hate to do.

I hate running and most all cardio exercise.

Gotta step it up and attack.

You know your weakness. Right?

It's time to work on improving them.

I'm not talking about your arms are weak so you do biceps curls five days a week.

Going deep inside yourself and confronting what you have been avoiding...

That's where the growth is.

What do you avoid? Procrastinate on?

The time is now. We never know how much longer we have on this earth.

Not being morbid, its just the truth.

The more we can accept our mortality and not take life for granted, the more fulfilled we will be.


Whatever dream you have deep inside yourself that you always put aside... it's time to take the first step towards it.


If there was no guarantee you would live another year what would you want to achieve in a year?

Deep thoughts.

These kinds of questions can stretch your limits.. give yourself that extra PUSH to go beyond where you are right now.

The physical training blends with the mental and the spiritual, from my perspective.

Sure, you can lift weights and eat lean to stare at yourself in the mirror and obsess over your six-pack-abs and biceps, but what about going deeper..

Taking your training to another level, way beyond the superficial.

Not everyone wants to do that, and that's fine.

But maybe you do...

Maybe you want to see what you are truly made of.

Find out who you REALLY ARE.

Only by going past your current limitations will you ever get a glimpse of that potential.

It starts with small things.

Each day taking a walk.

A few days per week lifting weights.

At work, going the extra mile on a project.

Taking an extra fifteen minutes to help a family member or neighbor..

Whatever it is, make it something that YOU feel good about.

Something you don't feel like doing but you DO IT anyway.

Even if you are tired, bored, uncomfortable, sick..

Get after it.

Every day going a little bit further..

Never quitting this journey of becoming the STRONGEST version of yourself.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


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