How to FIND Time to Workout

What's your biggest struggle with fitness?


Is it lack of time?


Let me call you out on that.


Back when I was working 17 jobs as a single dad I had to get creative to find a way to train. (it was only 3 jobs but you know how people act like they are the only ones who work and have “no time”)

I could get to the gym once a week, twice at the most.

So if you find yourself saying I just have no time to work out, I call bs.

I worked 7 days a week for months. Most days I went from one job to the next and the other days I was spending quality time with my daughter. Not exactly ideal for going to the gym.

If you were to say that working out is not a top priority, I would respect that.

But no time for fitness? BS!


Here are some examples of what I'm talking about. How I managed to somehow magically create more time for myself to work on my physical self for a half hour a day.

Lunch Hour Workouts

Do you have to go to lunch for an hour every day? If you get a lunch break how do you spend it? I would use that time to work out for 20-30 minutes and eat my lunch by myself the rest of the time.

You don't have to do this every single day. Twice a week is better than nothing!


Early Morning Workout

How about the morning? Is it possible to get up 20 minutes earlier to do a quick workout at home before anyone else is awake?

Yes, it is possible. I did that too. I hated it though. I did better with short workouts on my lunch break. You have to try different times and see what you can stick to.

Just remember, it won't feel easy. It WILL be uncomfortable for awhile. Accept it and do it anyway. It won't last forever.

Eventually it will become a habit. Until then, you have to keep forcing yourself outside your comfort zone. There is no other way.


Playground Fitness

How about when you take the kid (s) to the playground.. yep, you know what I'm going to say. It's perfect time to work out yourself.

Chase them kids around. Do some pushups. Step-ups, rows with swings, pullups on monkey bars, bear crawls, burpees, planks, lunges, squats.

People may look at you strange. Ok. What's the alternative? Exactly. Is your health/fitness a priority or not? If not, that's fine. Admit it and stop saying you don't have time.


Pushups in the Cubicle?

How about during work hours. You work at an office job? I bet there are chunks of time where you are not really working at all. See where this is going?

You can find 5 minutes to do some bodyweight circuits. Then do another 5 minutes at a different time of the day. Add up 4 or 5 of these and you have done more than you would have otherwise. These add up.

It may not feel like a typical 45 minute workout you are used to, but you have no time so you gotta make it work however you can. Even if that means bits and pieces put together over an 8 hour shift.