Your New Fitness Plan

You wake up tomorrow. Roll over. Hit the snooze. You're tired. Physically and mentally. But you're also TIRED OF IT.

You need a change. But is it time? Are you ready?  Does it hurt enough to make you take action?

Yes. It's time to take action. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Sorry if that sounds morbid, but you and I know that's the truth.

So let's start now. Here's your game plan.

After work you are going to go to the grocery store. You will buy meats, veggies, fruits, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil. Don't ask questions. Just stock up on these nutritious foods that will help you gain muscle, burn fat, increase energy and feel 1000x better.

You will need a crockpot. If you have one already, great.

Then go on the internet and google crockpot recipes with meat and veggies. Follow the instructions. Eat those meals for the next 5 days. Meat and veggies, eggs and fruit.

Don't worry about protein powders, bcaa, pre-workout, post-workout etc.. if you want to get some vitamins, go for it. I like zinc, magnesium, vitamin d, c and fish oil. Do your own research if you have to but those are standard for most anyone in the health/fitness field.

You will walk every day for 30 minutes. It doesn't matter where. Just walk. No excuses, no questions. Just do it. No stopping to talk to the neighbor for 10 minutes either. Walk for 30 minutes non-stop.

Every day.

Every other day you will do some form of resistance training. You can use weights, or bodyweight or combinations. It doesn't matter. Just pick something and do it. Find a program or make one up or find a trainer to design one for you.

3 days per week for 30-45 minutes you will force your muscles to work against resistance.

Every day after your walk you will do 5 minutes of stretching. 5 minutes. You can do more if you like but you have to do at least 5 minutes.

Google some stretches for the hips, hamstrings, upper back, shoulders, chest. You don't need 20 different stretches. Just pick a few and go to town.

Drink water. Lots of it. If you think you drink plenty now, you probably don't. Go for about half your bodyweight in ounces. This is all you will drink besides black coffee or tea. No cream/sugar.  I know, I know. That's so hard! Suck it up buttercup. It's time to man up.

That's it for the next 30 days.

Follow it as close as possible.

You will be a new man.

Come talk to me after you do this. Then you have shown your commitment and I will help you take the next step.