Pull yourself UP


I remember in grammar school when we had a physical fitness assessment. I couldn’t do a single pull-up.

I was embarrassed.

Years later when I joined a gym, I still couldn’t do one pull-up.

Eventually I became determined to get not just one, but ten pull-ups in a row.

Along the way, I’ve reached twenty reps in a set and also weighted pull-ups with sixty pounds wrapped around my waist.

This is not to show off but to demonstrate my humble beginnings in fitness.

I was weak, skinny and easily pushed around, even though I was athletic.

Over the years I’ve taken occasional breaks from pull-ups. Recently, I took a long one after being challenged to see how many I could do in one set, I realized it was time to step up my game once again.

This is not a post about how to do your first pull-up, or even how to do MORE reps than you can right now.

What I want to convey is that your weakness can become a strength.

Pick an area you have always struggled with and attack it. Make it your new mission.

You can still have other goals and put energy into the rest of your training/life, but this gets the MOST attention.

A New Mission

I love the symbolism of squats, pull-ups and crawling.

Squats because life will throw some heavy ass shit at you and how do you respond? Do you stay down or stand up?

Pull-ups are the ultimate symbol of helping yourself get up off the mat when you are knocked down.

And crawling is for when you can’t squat OR pull yourself up but you still need to move forward somehow.. it’s muddy.. you can’t stand up and the only way to get out is to crawl..

Pull Yourself UP

We can’t wait around for someone to help us.

Sure, there are people who can give us advice, coaching, ideas, encouragement and support.. but bottom line- YOU have to pull yourself UP.

It’s both empowering AND scary, at the same time.

That’s how you know it’s important.

Taking ownership of your life is always that way. Intense. Powerful. It gets you fired up as it causes your stomach to feel those butterflies..

Are you doing what is necessary each day to PULL yourself UP?

The best we can do to help others in our lives is to help ourselves first.

Physically, mentally, spiritually.. all together.

A solid training program, nutrition, meditation, yoga or stretching and constant challenges for our mindset.

Nothing fancy required. In fact, the simpler the better.

Pull-up, squat AND crawl when you need to.

That’s what I’m headed out to do now on this stormy friday night. Some bear crawls in the grass.

There is not better time than NOW to get better.



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