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Here's a sample of the past few tips :


Will-power is not infinite. We don't have an endless supply.

Have you ever thought there was something you were missing? And you see someone who appears to have a huge amount of will-power ?

Maybe you just burned yours out too quick with unnecessary choices.

How so?

Take diet for example.

If you give yourself choices all day long on what you will eat, you will be using up will-power. If you're on a 'diet' and you are constantly fighting that inner battle, that wears you out.

Your will-power gets burned out.

So what can you do about it?

Remove the choice as often as possible.

~example~ No snacks in the kitchen except raw almonds and berries.

Why this works ?

You don't have to choose or use any will-power. The choice is already made and you can just have the healthy snack or not.

This works for many areas, this is just one example.

Try it and see how it helps.


[Trainer Tip]

Eat the same meals most days of the week.

Don't freak out yet. I'm not going to tell you to only eat bland dry chicken breasts and bland soggy broccoli florets.

One way to make nutrition easier for you is to eat the same way Monday through Friday. Then on the weekend you can have a little more flexibility to be creative or go out to eat.

---How to do this ----
Go grocery shopping. Have a list prepared. On the list you'll have 3 sources of protein. - (meats, eggs, fish) - 2 sources of carbs (potatoes, oats) - and 2 sources of fats (extra virgin olive oil, nuts)
Also pick out 2-3 vegetables and 2 fruits for the week.
( remember this isn't FOREVER, it's just for one week)

That's it. Next week you'll change it up. Try a sweet potato instead of red potatoes. Or try Chicken thighs instead of pork tenderloin. Etc..

This works great. You get to keep meals on a routine which helps when you don't wanna think about what to cook. And you also get variety from week to week with little changes.

If you need more help with your weekly diet plan, let me know. Shoot me a message on here.

I'm here to help.