Your WHY is Greater than your HOW

Did you watch the video above? Pretty awesome right? Eric Thomas is a great speaker and motivator.

I was thinking about this topic all day yesterday and I saw this video and knew I had to make a post about it.

This topic of : Your WHY

Your WHY has to be greater than your HOW.

When I tell you just what to do and you don't do it. Why?

You are not motivated. There's no urgency. You are lazy. You don't care about it as much as watching tv or going out drinking.

Comfort is more important than change.

Change is hard. It's uncomfortable and there's no getting around that.


What will it take to shake you out of the malaise?


To get you up off your couch and to take action to change.


Yes, in the gym. Start with the physical. Lifting weights. Walking every day.


Running up a hill, doing sprints, jump rope etc..


Doing yoga or stretching or taking a martial arts class.


What's it going to take to wake you up?


You think it's easy for me. For us fitness guys. And for navy seals and hardcore intense guys that were born that way right?


No. They were born preferring comfort just like you. But they decided to do something about it. To change.


Here's a little story- I hated public speaking. Getting up in front of the class to make a presentation was my worst fear in school. One time I finished a presentation on a book I read and this guy asks me how I stay so calm and do I ever get nervous when I talk in front of groups?

I couldn't believe he said that, as I thought for sure that everyone knew I was scared out of my mind. My hands were sweaty and felt like they were visibly shaking. My heart was beating out of my chest. I could barely breathe and I felt like I might pass out at any moment.


But yes, I was calm under pressure! Ha


Funny how we think the worst when it's often not that bad. And another lesson from this is that we must go into uncomfortable zones to grow. Every time I did a talk like that I felt like I learned something. I still hated it but I knew it was good for me.

Often we think other people know what we are going through or see our fear or know about our insecurity but they are just worried about their own issues. They don't care about our sweaty hands, they are too self-consumed to notice.


So get outside your comfort zone. If you are comfortable sitting on the couch after work and being lazy then this means it's time to get into the gym and push your body to the limit.


Don't worry about how you are going to do it.


How you are going to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Don't concern yourself with the how right now.


You need to take action. Just start. Walk daily. Start to eat healthy. Prepare your meals the night before. Do what is necessary to start building a foundation. With good habits.


The HOW is none of your business, as Les Brown says.


You have a WHY yet? Is there something that pulls inside you and won't go away?

Is there someone in your life you want to man-up for? Your child? Your parent. A sick friend.


Is there some purpose you feel you need to fulfill here but haven't yet? And you know that getting stronger physically will help you to achieve it?


It's time to find your WHY.


And don't worry about HOW. Don't even think about it. The HOW is not to enter your mind. How is simple. That's the easy part.


It's the WHY that is hard. But once you have it, you will have focus. Things will become clear.


It won' be easy. Don't misunderstand me. But it will be simple. You know why you are getting up early. Why you are preparing the meals. You will know why you are pushing your body out of your comfort zone. Over and over again.

Get to know your WHY, and the HOW will come.


When you find your WHY and need some help with the how part, then go HERE for a program to get you strong and fit FOR LIFE.

Not just for how you look in the mirror. But strength FOR life. Big difference.