Why You Need a Workout Log


I once trained with a girl who didn't keep a workout log. She asked me why I did. Since she had a trainer who told her what to do, why keep track?

Good question. Hey, if something is working for you, then keep doing it!

But I believe keeping a workout log is beneficial for most people.

If you have a trainer who does it for you, great. Making progress is a great motivator. As long as you are making progress.

With that said, here are my reasons why you need a workout log.

1. See what is really going on.

When you think back to your workouts from last week can you remember each exercise? How much weight you used? How many reps you did? How long did the workout go? If you did a warmup, how did your knees, back, shoulders feel? Did you sleep enough, eat enough that day or the day before?

Most likely you don't remember much, if any, of those details.

With the workout log you can keep track of any information you want. Try to keep it simple and don't write an essay.

Important notes to keep- the weights lifted, exercises performed, how you felt energy-wise, any soreness/pain, how long, your bodyweight.

2. Track Progress

To see exactly where you've come and where you are now. This can be motivating as you see you have made progress or you haven't. Either way, you know for sure where you stand. Without any numbers to use as a reference you are going by "feel" and that is often misleading.

Maybe when you are at a high-level and have been training many years, then you can rely on your intuition. But you're not there yet.

I still track my workouts and I've been doing them consistently for over 18 years!!

3. Maintain Focus

Often we get started with fitness and it's fun to see the "beginner gains". When they wear off, we may start program-hopping. We are sure the best program is the next one we read about. The grass is always greener...

Decide what your goal is and focus. Your training program becomes clear. Is it working or not? There's no grey area.

Keep track of the most important elements of your workouts in your log and see if you working hard enough and sticking to the plan.

If you need help putting together a program and logging your workouts, I'd be glad to help you.

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