Quick Workout for the UBER Busy Person

---Strength Essentials Tip of the Day---


At one point in time I was working four jobs.


Add that on top of being a single dad with my daughter two nights a week and I had limited time to get to a gym.


Did I just let myself get sloppy and say “I just have no time?”


I'll tell you what I did.


I took walks on my lunch.


I bought a sled and kept it in my trunk.


Whenever I had 10-15 minutes free I would find a park and drag it around.


I did bodyweight exercises in my cubicle or while my daughter napped.


The crockpot became my best friend.


The 15 Minute Workout Plan for the UBER BUSY PERSON


Let's say you are a busy person with no time for the gym.


Maybe you work crazy hours, multiple jobs or you have little kids to take care of.


I'm going to give you a quick workout you can do anywhere with no equipment.


15 minutes.


If you say you don't have 15 minutes don't let me see you on facebook talking about binge watching your favorite show on netflix.


Get up 15 minutes earlier.


Take 15 minutes of your lunch break.


On to the workout-


Squats x8-15

Pushups x8-15

Reverse Lunges x6 each leg

Reverse Pushups x10-12

Reverse Crunches x 8-12

Bird dogs x 8 each side


Repeat until 15 minutes is up. After each circuit, rest briefly (30-60 seconds)



If you have questions shoot me an email @ strengthessentials716@gmail.com


If you'd like to know how to put together an entire weekly program of 15 minute workouts without equipment, let me know and I can send you one.



This is not a program I would advise to do forever, but it's a great way to improve your body with limited time during a busy period in your life.


Strength training with weights is still THE BEST way to improve your body and your life.


I did these kinds of workouts for a period of time, and had great results.


Do what you gotta do until you can schedule in some longer workout sessions.


These workouts are MUCH BETTER than doing NOTHING!!

Even if you are on a great strength training program you can do a workout like this if you run into a super busy time in your life.