Strength Essentials Training Log Week 8

Monday- Press 165x3, 145x5,5 /Semi-Sumo Deadlift 255 5x1/ Barbell Curls x 2 sets

Tuesday- Squat- 295x1, 265x2, 265x3, 255x4, 225x5/ Deadlift 255 5x1

Wednesday- Bike/ Semi-sumo Deadlift 255 5x1

Thursday - Bench 230x2, 210x4, 195x5, 190x5/ Press 107.5 3x5/ Semi Sumo Deadlift 255 5x1

Friday- Squat 255x3, 245x3,3/ Semi Sumo DL 255 5x1

Saturday- Sled dragging


  • Press still moving up nice and slow and steady.
  • High-bar squat felt way off so I changed to low-bar after the double at 265. Feel no power with the high-bar position and I end up feeling too much in my knees
  • Semi-sumo DL felt solid. Mixed in a few reps with conventional stance during the week. The daily dose deadlift plan is nearing the end. I will be testing some bigger weights soon.
  • Bench felt a bit "off" on a different bench than I was used to with no spotter. I bumped the safeties and it threw me off or I think I would have got another rep or two. I'll stick with that weight again next week to get at least 3 reps before moving up.
  • NUTRITION- Been sticking to mainly meat and eggs and some rice. Very simple, limited foods. Trying to reduce my allergy/sinus issues by taking out the usual offenders for me (cheese, dairy, wheat, sugar)
  • It is much harder to eat enough calories while only eating these foods. Which is a good thing for most people but I want to gain mass so it's a bit of a compromise I'm making right now. I live with a dog (I have allergies to dogs/cats) and there's no way to change that so I have to try find a way to lessen the issue by diet.
  • I'm leaning towards a carnivore diet. Crazy, I know. Look it up if you're interested. Here's a link to Dr. Shawn Baker's website- MEAT  - he's the guy that got me intrigued by this diet.
  • Keep an open mind. You never know what will work for you.
  • The food that gives me the most energy, least amount of digestive problems/allergy problems is meat.