Best/Worst Workout Music for Lifting Weights

When I'm lifting weights I need something heavy.

Back when I was bench pressing in my Uncle's garage, we would crank Metallica, Pantera, Black Sabbath..

Not much has changed for me!

Most of the music I liked when I was a young rebellious kid is still what gets me pumped up to train.

So I decided to put together this :

Best Music For Lifting Weights

I'm not going to name every band but let's start with the BEST music for lifting weights.

Most of the guys I train in their 40's-50's are into rock/metal of some kind.

So we get into some old-school Metal from the 80's. Like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dio..

Then we have the classic rock tunes from The Rolling Stones, Led Zep, CCR, Black Sabbath..

Some guys are into newer heavy stuff like Disturbed, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie.

These are all great for getting in the mood to throw some weights around.

There are others, and if you think of some you want to add shoot me an email! I'd love to hear what you rock out too.

Worst Music for Lifting Weights

Once in awhile I get a client that wants to listen to something slow or pop music. This can ruin the mood to train hard!

There's some alternative and hip-hop or electronic/dance stuff that is ok for working out but usually the pop stuff is not gonna get the job done.

Any music by a "boy band" will NOT be allowed in my studio space. This is sacred space AND sacred training time.

Not to be tainted with that garbage.

Same goes for most anything on pop radio.

Not in my sacred training space.

Jazz is great to chill out at home, I love me some Miles Davis.. but NOT when training hard with weights.

Crank up the heavy rock with distorted guitars and power vocals and get to making that body stronger!

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