Mondays are for Strength Training... or the Blues..

Are you ready for some Monday motivation?!! 

Yeah, me either.

Those posts are total bs as far as I'm concerned. No one reads them and goes out and dominates the day like they were suddenly shook from a daydream and now totally inspired to go get 'em.

I'm not a fan of the opposite either. The 'case of the Mondays' crew...   the ones who say "same shit, different day.. or "here we go again, another week..."

If that's you, find something to get fired up about.

I'm not talking just going to the gym either. Although for many of us, that is exactly what we need. What we look forward to. We crave it.

The challenge. The struggle. The sweat and the pain.

Get excited about something. 

In the gym or anywhere.

If you aren't excited about the day, or anything about it, pick one thing you can go dominate. Maybe it's some squats. Or sprints. Or taking a hike and going for a swim.

Do something physical that will get you going today. And every Monday.

It's not about being all "Monday morning motivation" rah rah.. but don't be the opposite either and say it''s just another lame Monday. Go set a new personal record. Hit one more rep than last time.

Get it. Today.

And tomorrow.

Regardless of the day, month, moon cycle..etc..