Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day?

So is breakfast the most important meal of the day or no? Should you eat a snack late at night? Can you have carbs at night?

All these questions and much more flood your eyes and ears. And really, most of it is just a bunch of bs.

No meal is 'the most important'. You can eat 3 meals a day, 4, 5 , 6. It really doesn't matter.

What does matter?

Total calories. Macronutrients. Eating for your body and your lifestyle/training.

Every new diet, every new book that comes out with the next best diet to make you lose weight quick is just a distraction.

I believe you know what to do. Deep down you know. We all do. We have something inside us that tells us what is good for us. Maybe it's harder to listen these days with all the noise out there but it's still there.

How do we hear it?  We need to get quiet.  Go to a calm place without distractions and noise and listen to what our inner guide tells us. No, it's not woo-woo shit. Try it. You don't need to read any more books. No more fad diets. No more bs.

Get down to basics. Focus on the big picture.

You can have your cake or your pizza or apple pie. But you know when enough is enough. When you are trying to get leaner you know you need to get your eating on track more often than not.

How often is that? 80%?  85%? 90%?  Depends on how aggressive you want to be with fat loss. But realize that you are in control. You know what to do. And you just need to do it. Find a way to make a diet work for your life. Not the other way around. No diet is perfect for everyone.

So no, I don't believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day for everyone.

BUT- it may be for you. Maybe if you eat a good breakfast it helps you stick to your eating plan all day.

Or maybe it's the only way you can get in enough calories to fuel your muscle building program.

So you have to try it out. See if it works for you. If it's sustainable. And give it some time. Not just two days and you decide nope, it's not good.