What's this Blog All About?

There are a million different blogs out there on the internet. You can learn about everything and anything, including fitness, nutrition and health topics.

So what is this blog about? What's the point?

I had a blog before this one for 4 years. I wrote about strength training, specifically with tips on lifting form, exercise selection dietary strategies etc.. very much a how-to get started and how to make progress in the world of fitness and lifting weights.

How many people did I really inspire or help?

It's hard to know for sure but when I decided to start a new blog I thought that kind of website was already done and gone for me.

We are constantly changing, evolving and I felt it was time to move on.

This blog is then what feels natural to me.

Running a personal training business is my number 1 focus. This blog serves as an extension of that. I can flesh out ideas and share some concepts that I find to be effective. Hopefully they help you.

I also write because I feel compelled to. I am a writer at heart.  So part of this blog's purpose isto tell stories and to entertain.

I realized that a lot of people read articles online just to read and not for advice perse.

From almost 20 years in the gym to the screen here. Hopefully something strikes you and even if it doesn't I must do it. You ever feel compelled to do something and you don't know exactly why?

Another idea that keeps creeping back into my mind is to write a book. Multiple books really but one about my fitness journey, in particular.

So this is another way to flesh out ideas to see where they lead.

I'm open for suggestions on article ideas also, as I truly enjoy helping people with specific questions. Send me an email with your question (try to keep it short- 1 paragraph) and I will give you an answer.  My opinions may not be mainstream as I don't fall into any category of fitness (powerlifting, crossfit, bodyweight only, functional, paleo etc..)

Thanks for reading.