Should I do Cardio in Addition to Weight Training

A question I often get asked by clients is "Should I do cardio on my other days?"

It's a good question and I will try to answer it simply here..

Most clients train with weights 2-3 days per week. These sessions are mainly focused on strength training.

Sometimes cardio is included but mostly this time is best utilized with some hard resistance training.

What's the correct answer here? As is the case often with fitness, it depends.

I know you don't want to hear that. Hell, I don't want to say it! But it's the truth.

But for simplicity's sake, I'll give you an answer that will work for most people I work with.

Yes, you should do some "Cardio" on your other days. If you train with me 2-3 days per week for 30 minute sessions you need more activity to achieve your bodyweight goals and improve your overall health.

It just depends on how fast you want to lose fat, your adherence to the diet plan, how active you are at your job/ home/ play, sports, manual labor etc...

There are many factors but I like most clients to do at least 2 days of 30-45 minutes cardio. This can be a run at the track. Intervals on a bike/spinning, sled dragging, bodyweight circuits (one of my go-to's)

Like I said, this is a guide for most people. I generally encourage everyone to walk every single day.  Take a walk outside first thing in the morning.  Or go on your lunch break. Or go at night after dinner.

The best option is the one you will ACTUALLY DO.

Should you do cardio on your other days? The answer is, it depends. But yes, you probably should do something for your heart if you care about that kind of important area of your body.

Not to mention the plethora of other benefits cardiovascular exercise provides.