Do something CRAZY today


Structure, discipline, habits.. we know how important these terms are. We NEED them in our life to get shit done.

On the other hand, we also need freedom, creativity, spontaneity and the occasional CRAZINESS.

I believe they can go work together, even if they seem to be opposite sides of the coin.

If we never have structure and discipline, and we are always just wild and crazy then we are chaotic.

That’s a mess with no rhyme or reason.

When we establish discipline and good habits FIRST, then we can let ourselves get wild and free.

Here’s an example in the fitness realm-

You follow a training program as closely as possible. Over the course of months, you make considerable progress.

At the end of the program, you are ready for something different.

On to another short program, maybe another 4-6 months.

The new routine works fairly well and you make a little more progress.

Now you want to go to the gym and “wing it”.

No problem.

You’re better equipped to get creative with your training now that you developed good habits.

If you tried to wing it in the beginning, you would be less likely to make consistent progress.

Following a solid program helps you realize what works and what doesn’t. You learn how your body responds to the stress of strength and conditioning.

Some folks don’t pay much attention during this stage and may never crave the freedom of creating their own training style or program. There’s nothing wrong with that.

For a training program to be effective, you have to find something that you will follow consistently, with determination and great effort.

Personally, if I have to follow a set program for too long I get bored and start to lose my edge in the gym.

I crave the freedom and spontaneity.

I built up my discipline and habits over almost two decades in the gym. It takes time to know what makes you tick and what is a waste of time for your personal goals.

Even if you aren’t sure how to program for yourself or how to “wing it” during a workout, you can still go CRAZY every once in awhile.

One way to do it is to add some FINISHERS to your workouts.

Finishers are just quick little circuits added to the end of your workout.

An example would be: 5 minutes non-stop as many reps as possible with good form of- pushups, lunges, trx rows.

Another example: kettlebell swings, 1 arm press, kb squat, burpees for 5+ minutes.

Go CRAZY! Get creative. Pick a few exercises and go to town. Try a different rep range and a new combination of exercises.

These will get your heart-rate jumping and the sweat dripping.

Sometimes you gotta get crazy!


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