Everybody's workin' for the weekend..

You know that song "everybody's workin for the weekend?'

I'm not sure who sings it but

Awful 80s tune in my opinion

Funny thing about it is for years I thought the song was about everybody working ON the weekend

And I always wondered why they sounded so excited in the song.

Because who wants to work on the weekend?

Then someone told me that it was really about working hard during the week FOR the weekend to have fun and party etc

And back then I was all about the weekend parties

I have a different perspective now but I get it

It's kinda like when you just want to get through the workout so it's over and done with

Of course you won't love every minute of every workout

But if you just want it to be over, something is off

Maybe you need a new program

A different gym

Maybe find a new training partner

Do SOMETHING different

Life is too short to be just working for the weekend or waiting for the workout to be over

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Jim "not working for the weekend" White