Finding the right path in your training


Do you ever feel like you are swimming upstream against the current?

Like you are stuck and no matter how hard you push, you only maintain your current position?

Finding the right path in your training

Whenever I hear the words "I just want to maintain", I cringe.

Maintain what?

You don't want to get better?

Training is about IMPROVEMENT.

Finding the right path means pushing yourself to overcome resistance.

I don't understand the concept of "maintain".

If you aren't working to get better than you are getting worse.

How do we define "BETTER"?

Only you can say if you're improving or not.

You set the standard for yourself.

Have you reached that standard already?

Maybe you need to set a bigger goal.

This has nothing to do with what anyone else is doing in their training or life.

It's all about you. Striving for another level.

Getting uncomfortable.

Forcing yourself to go into the danger zone, where you aren't sure if you will succeed.

No one can tell you what this entails.

You know if you are giving all you have as you reach for bigger and bigger goals.

How to break through a plateau

If you feel stuck and you are doing all you possibly can to stretch yourself to reach a big goal, then maybe you need an adjustment to your training.

Maybe you aren't doing enough of one exercise and too much of another.

It could be that you aren't doing enough work in the right zone of sets/reps.

Sometimes you may be doing too much for your body to recover from but not eating/sleeping enough.

Without looking at your program, I can't tell you exactly why you are stuck trying to swim upstream.

Look at your training logs (you have one right?) and see what you notice.

Are you constantly missing workouts?

Skipping meals?

Not eating the right foods that fuel your training?

Are you taking enough rest between sets of squats?

Finding the right path in your training

means self-awareness.


Pushing the envelope.

Getting into that zone where you don't know if you will complete the set/rep..

If you haven't been making progress lately, it's time.

Set an intention down on paper.


Make it so.

Do whatever you need to do.

Improvements are powerful motivators, they feed our training to keep it rolling strong all year.

Set a PR within the next month.

It doesn't matter what lift, what rep range..Just lift something you've never lifted before.

The right path in your training is to grow.



Strive to be better.


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