Follow your instinct


This morning I didn’t feel like doing much but once I got moving I had a solid workout. Loaded carries superset with jump rope, followed up with conditioning on the Jacob’s Ladder.

As I was climbing the ladder a thought came to me that made a lot of sense, so I want to share it with you.

It came to me in this phrase: REBEL FITNESS.

I don’t know about you but I get these ideas/images/intuitions and signals quite often.

Most of them come when I’m walking in the woods or post-workout, or during hard conditioning work..

Some of the best ideas I’ve ever had came when I would walk outside on my lunch break at my old tv production job.

What does this have to do with you?

First, I believe this idea is going to turn into a program that you will love.

Second, you can use this technique yourself to gain clarity and find new ideas that will enhance your life.

It’s not complicated but you do need to give it some time and attention.

One underrated method for tapping into your own deep well of imagination and inspiration is to practice daily and allow yourself to OPEN up to the potential of new ideas.

What this means is, every day you write down five or ten ideas. EVERY DAY.

Don’t hold back. Never edit or limit these thoughts. Let them fly.

Don’t try to be a genius with these thoughts. Just get them down on paper.

The most important thing is you just DO IT. Every day.

This daily practice helps you open up your imagination, and allow that one or two life-changing ideas to come forward.

Rebel Fitness

As I was climbing the Jacob’s Ladder and had this idea for a program called REBEL FITNESS, I got excited about it right away.

That’s when you know you are ON to something.. maybe something BIG..

So I went a little deeper into what it means, and what the program would look like, who it’s for and what the point is..

My training in the past few weeks has been evolving. It really started with my vacation in July.

Something shifted within me during that week.. not sure what exactly, but I’ve been on a new path ever since..

You never know where life will lead you but if you listen to your gut & heart you may find yourself aligned right where you should be.. that’s my goal.

To create my own path.

There’s no one out there doing exactly what I want to do, because there is only one me.

Maybe you feel this way also?

That’s where the idea for REBEL FITNESS came from.

Being 100% authentic to you. Different from everyone else.

All the programs and opinions and rules and regulations of training in particular but also life in general.

I’ve always been a rebel.

Why wouldn’t that free-spirit enter my fitness life as well?

It has. BIG time.

Lately, I’ve started to write some new programs to share with you but something feels OFF. I leave them be and allow it to breathe. If I feel strongly about it, I will go back to it and finish. Most of them I don’t.

This is good feedback.

When you have something that doesn’t 100% excite you, and you try to force it JUST BECAUSE you think you are SUPPOSED to.. that’s a recipe for being off the path, in my mind.

REBEL FITNESS on the other hand, has me FIRED up.


It comes from the core of my being.

It’s not just sets and reps and 3 days per week with rest days etc..

This program goes way beyond those basic elements of a program that are written on paper.

What I feel inside is a FIRE burning so bright that it can ignite your torch and you can go off into the darkness on YOUR OWN path.

If you are a rebel like me, then you feel invigorated when you are doing something different than anyone else.

When I’m in the gym this morning and I’m carrying the trap-bar up and down the turf, supersetting with jump-rope, it feels awesome to be doing something that is empowering, comes from my own experience, listening to my body, pushing myself in a way that is unique to my goals and current state of being.

It has nothing to do with what anyone else is doing. I could be the only one in the gym for all I care.

Which brings me to my next point- more and more I have felt the urge to train outside the gym. Away from everyone, on my own in nature and without typical gym equipment.

As I always say, you have to find your own way of training and becoming the strongest version of yourself.

This is mine.

I have a feeling there are others that feel the same way. (maybe that’s you?)

Rebel fitness is going to be for you if you get bored with normal routines, you want something different, you crave challenges both physical AND mental.

For you guys who don’t subscribe to one training modality like only barbells or only kettlebells etc.. you will use anything that WORKS!

The tool doesn’t matter so much as the effort, the sweat and the overcoming of obstacles in mind and body.. the nerves when you learn of a new challenge but then you step up to take it on and you conquer it… you push beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Rebel fitness is for you if you want a program that isn’t set in stone and yet also has SOME structure to keep you on track making progress.

It’s just an idea right now as it came to me this morning but it will become something much bigger very soon.

If you are interested, let me know. I will let you know when the program is complete.


or leave a comment below saying I’M A REBEL!

Onward in our quest for Strength4Life.