Do it NOW


It’s your day off.. you can sleep in.. take it easy.. leave your bedroom a mess..toss the dirty dishes in the with them later…

OR you can treat the day just like any other, and get shit DONE.

You don’t feel like doing laundry? Do it that minute.

The lawn needs to be cut? No waiting until later so you can lounge around.. DO IT now.

That workout which was “optional” depending on how you “feel”… you can see where this is going.. You DO it NOW.

Every Sunday morning I have a prime example of this.

No clients at the studio. No alarm clock set. If I decided to sleep in a few hours, no one would mind or notice.

Those days are more challenging than any other for me.

Which means they are the most rewarding also.

I get my rear-end up early, make the bed, get out the door for my workout.

Sometimes, like today, I stare at my sneakers for a few minutes as I fight the urge to go lay down on the couch.

Just so you have an idea of what it’s like for someone who has been training consistently for years.. It’s still not easy! Never will be.

It’s not fun. I don’t wake up, jump out of bed happy and excited and ready to take on the world like some motivational mumbo-jumbo you might see out there.

The point is, I DO IT, no matter how I feel.

Rebel Fitness

Yesterday I mentioned this new idea that came to me while climbing the Jacob’s ladder:

Rebel Fitness.

My workouts are evolving in this program each day and I’m pumped up to share them with you.

They won’t be for everyone. This program is for a unique person who thinks for himself (or herself).

It’s for you if you want some guidance on how to put together workouts that aren’t so structured that there is no room for freedom and creativity, and also not just going into the gym with NO plan and winging it.

Today I knew I was going to do some upper body work at the playground. That was my only “plan”.

As I got warmed up, I started to feel my way into the workout. How did my joints feel? On this upper body day, specifically my elbows and shoulders- two trouble-spots for me.

I went with pushups instead of dips as I felt my elbow needed a little less stress. I increased the reps of jumping jacks and reduced the reps on the chinups.

This is all by instinct.

It takes awhile to be able to train this way. Not everyone even wants to or needs to but for me it’s essential.

I ended up doing 450 total reps between the three calisthenics exercises. Maybe I’ll create a program and call it the 450 routine? Kinda like the 300 workout? haha

That’s not going to happen BUT I might add that workout to my new REBEL FITNESS program that I am creating.

More ideas keep coming to me for this program and I get excited thinking about it so I know it’s a path I need to follow.

Get moving

Are you feeling tired?

Just start moving around. Get up and go for a walk. Do a set of squats or pushups.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, getting the body in motion will help fight off tiredness.

That’s why I always performed mini-workouts when I worked in an office. After a few hours sitting at a desk I would be drowsy..

Getting up and going for a walk outside always helped shake off the rust.

Or doing a superset of squats and pushups.

Instant boost of energy.

Same goes for when you are lounging around on the couch. Get down on the floor and do some calisthenics.

You’ll get a refreshed feeling take over your body.

Yes, you have to overcome the initial resistance.

But once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.