Keep it simple


I woke up angry.


I’m not entirely sure..

It comes and goes.

Lately it doesn’t come as often..

We all have those moments, days or even weeks, where we are just OFF.

What helps me is to train. HARD.

That’s probably an obvious answer, but still needs to be said.

Hard physical exercise is great for fighting your demons, beating stress out of your system and even getting in touch with your animalistic nature.

Know what else helps? Gratitude.

Just a quick mental acknowledgement that you have something to be grateful for. You start with just one thing and it always turns into more.

Gratitude is a great way to alter your perspective quickly.

My other go-to activities for dealing with intense emotions that seem to come out of nowhere are writing and walking in nature.

If you’re familiar with my blog posts, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention writing and walks in nature before.

A lot can be accomplished with simple activities.

There’s no need to make things more complicated.

Often, we need just the opposite.

Simplify, simplify, simplify… as Henry David Thoreau said.

My training this morning was a prime example of this.

All I did for the entire workout was drag the sled.




You don’t need much.

Maybe you will be better off with LESS, in your training and in your life.

Something to think about.

Stay strong.


Work continues on my REBEL FITNESS program. It will be completed by the end of the week I expect.

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