Get a leg Up on the week


How do you get a “LEG UP” on the week?

Start with a hard workout.

Don’t feel like it?

All the MORE REASON to do it.

You don’t want that feeling of disappointment, that comes from avoiding the hard stuff.

It will eat you alive, if you let it.

That’s happened to me in the past. I vow to attack those things I don’t want to do but I KNOW will bring me great value & results.

My mindset was NOT always this way.

I used to skip workouts. Make excuses. Avoid doing the hard things I didn’t want to do.

That kind of life kept me down, far too often.

Eventually I crawled my way out of that darkness.

How did I do it?

Purpose. Priority. Habits.

Purpose- I absolutely needed to get stronger and bigger and in better shape. To prove I could do it to others but more importantly, to myself.

There were other motivating factors but that was the key.

Priority- I chose to make training/fitness/health an essential component of my daily life.

Whether it was walking every day, running, meal-prep, avoiding junk, skipping happy hour to work out Friday night.. I MADE that CHOICE.

Habits- Doing what I said I would do, repeatedly.

Building good habits takes time and consistency.

Nothing great comes overnight, as we all know. Too often we overlook this fact of life.

That doesn’t mean we can never make quick gains, just that they are the exception, not the norm.

If you’re not sure what to do, you can’t go wrong with picking one of the essential strength training exercises: squats, presses, pulls, topped off with some intervals on the airdyne bike or sled or hill sprints.

Don’t worry about how many reps/sets/how long the workout goes.. just get the work in. Go until your body tells you enough.

Then do one more set.

You can do one to three exercises, if you want. It doesn’t matter in the long-run.

What matters more is you put in the work each day. Over the week you cover all the training you intended to.

The weeks add up to months.. the months add up to a year.. on and on it goes as you continue to challenge yourself and grow into the strongest version of yourself.


Need help figuring all this training stuff out?

I have an online coaching program that is customized just for your individual needs.