Making the hard choice when you don't feel like it

What will you do if it’s raining outside and you were planning on doing an outdoor workout?

That’s the question I pondered this morning.

I went in the gym and did my scheduled training with dips and pullups, but later today I plan on running outside.

The problem is I hate the rain and running in it.

Which means, I have to do it.

This simple mindset shift makes a BIG difference in defining who you ARE.

No longer are you the person who makes an excuse. That’s the common way. It’s weak.

We choose over and over and over again, if we are going to be strong or weak.

It’s not just one situation. Who we become happens over years.. many seemingly inconsequential moments that add up to DEFINE us.

What are you avoiding because it’s hard, uncomfortable, new, scary, painful?

We all do it.

The fastest way to achieve more in our life, is to simply overcome that resistance.

Having said that, it’s not easy. ANYTHING BUT easy.

Simple, yes, but a constant challenge.

How do we reach that point where we no longer take the easy way out?

There’s no magic answer.

Like I wrote in yesterday’s blog, there are some key elements you will need to overcome obstacles and change your life.

They include: purpose, priority and habits.

When you know your purpose, you are on a mission. Now you are focused with a clear objective.

This leads to priority. You no longer bounce around from one thing to the next, you know what is MOST important for the RESULTS you seek.

Which leads to habits. When you create habits that will help you become disciplined and accountable to yourself, you have a winning combination.

Next time you don’t feel like doing something that you know will help you- remember your purpose.

That purpose needs to be strong. For it to drive you, it must resonate with you in a powerful way.

Deep within the core of who you are, that purpose needs to make you excited and give you a tremendous amount of energy.

Find it and you will have a light in the dark. As I’m sure you know, there will be dark times.

There will be times of doubt. Fear. Uncertainty and overwhelm.

You need to have that light that only comes from within. NO ONE else can create it for you.

Others may provide a spark, but at the end of the day it’s only you who can bring your light to the world.


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