Go into the wilderness physically AND mentally


Years ago I was going to run my first race.

3.5 miles.

I was also going to do a 30 mile bike ride for charity.

At the same time, I was in the process of getting a job with Customs and Border Protection.

There was a fitness test to pass that included running and calistenics so I was training with that goal in mind.

On the outside I looked to be in "good shape".

I worked out at the gym a few times a week, mostly using machines, along with a sprinkling of free weights.

It was around this time I found the Stronglifts5x5 program.

Being young and dumb, I was pushing myself to the limit, with weights and cardio.

I had no idea about recovery or programming.

Eventually my body broke down and I injured my lower back.

This injury taught me many things, I still use to this day.

What I also learned from this time period was how you look and how you perform are two COMPLETELY different animals.

Running 3.5 miles shouldn't be a big deal.

But when I started running I could barely go ONE MILE without stopping.

Just because someone has muscles does not mean they are in good condition OR strong.

What we see on the outside is often NOT what we see on the inside.

Just ENJOY Life

Has anyone ever told you that you are working too much or at the gym too much?

Or you don't need to eat healthy all the time because life is meant to be FUN?

Yes, enjoy life but never let anyone else's idea about what you should do deter you from pursuing your goals 100%.

I don't know about you but I had plenty of time from my teens to twenties where I "enjoyed" life a little too much.

Bunch of wasted time as far as I'm concerned, but there's some lessons learned along the way.

Process Over Results

I never got that job with Customs.

It pissed me off too.

Even though I worked hard and had to jump through hoops trying to get in, for some reason it wasn't meant to be.

That experience taught me that even if you don't get the result you desire, the PROCESS is worth every drop of sweat, every ounce of effort.

WHO you BECOME, is much more valuable than the trophy.

Go into the wilderness every day

It's Sunday morning.

No clients.

There's no "reason" to wake up early and get out the door...

But I choose to.

Maybe I should just take it easy today. I trained hard all week.

I could use a break, right?


What can I do that I don't want to do?

Pullups/pushups and squats.

After that, a nice hike in the woods, up and down hills.

Into the wilderness... physically AND mentally..

The rest of my day feels better when I start with something that's physically hard.

What can you do today that your future self will be proud of?

DO that.




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