Glorious sunrise and a sense of accomplishment

early to rise strength essentials 716

early to rise strength essentials 716

I have to admit, most of the time I don't jump right out of bed, ready to take on the day.

Shocking, I know.

The common misconception is that people who "love what they do/follow their passion" are always excited to GET AFTER IT.

Maybe this is true for others, but I doubt it.

The truth is, most days I would rather hit the snooze button and roll over for more sleep.

But I don't.

This morning is a perfect example.

As the classical music blared from my alarm clock I thought "how can it be time to get up ALREADY?!"

Yes, I wake up to classical music on FM radio.

So I got up and started my day.

One of the perks of pushing beyond that initial discomfort is seeing the glorious sunrise in the photo above.

Got my workout in, with some loaded carries and then a long bike ride.

The feeling of accomplishment was upon me.

THAT is why you get up early to GET AFTER IT.

Sure, you can do your workout at any time. There is NO perfect time. Just get it done.

But there IS something to be said for getting that hard physical activity done first thing in the morning...

Loaded Carries for Time

There's a ton of different ways to do loaded carries. One way I did them today is to set a timer for 10 minute and go.

Pick up any weight you want and walk with it.

Hold the weight by your side in one hand, two-hands or above your head. Or a combination of the two.

Mix it up and get creative.

DON'T overthink it.

What's most important is getting the work in.

Rest only as needed.

I usually take about 15-30 seconds after a few rounds to give my grip a break.

Cardio Challenges

For most guys who like to lift, cardio/conditioning are an afterthought.

I'm right there with you.

But after overlooking this aspect of fitness for awhile, I realized it was time to step it up.

It helps to find some challenges you can set your mind on.

Today for example, I wanted to do more time than I've done on the bike in recent memory.

Challenges don't have to be more time, they can be faster speeds, more inclines, intervals, going for distance or steps..

With the Jacob's ladder for instance, you can try to beat your time OR elevation climbed, or BOTH.

Keep on working to become the strongest version of yourself.

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