How to Design the Strongest Life You can Imagine

When I was in college, I wanted to get a short story published.

At the time I was NOT an early riser. I did all my writing at night.

Every night, I had to write at least one page.

A few months later I submitted a few stories.

They got rejected which sucked but I kept at it for awhile, before eventually quitting.

I never got one published.

That bothers me.

That is one hard lesson I had to learn. You'll never regret GOING ALL IN and not getting the outcome you want.

You WILL regret giving up and never finding out what you are TRULY capable of..

Besides that tough life lesson, I want to talk about MAKING TIME to become the STRONGEST YOU possible.

How I design my life for achievement, and to constantly STRETCH to new levels.

MOST importantly, I write out what I want to achieve.

Make it as clear as possible.

For example: I wanted to write a book about my journey of being a tall skinny kid and how I got bigger and stronger.

I wanted to complete the book in a month.

After I knew what I wanted, I made an action plan: write for one hour every day.

What time of day would be most ideal?

Noon, between my morning and evening clients.

I stuck to the plan and got the book done in less than thirty days.

What do you want to achieve?

Write it out. Set a deadline. Commit to working on it every day at a specific time. Even if it's for only ten minutes.

It's ten more than you are doing right now.

That's one goal you want to accomplish..

What about the others?

You DO have other goals right?

If you don't have any BIG goals, you need to start there. Find out WHY. Get fired up about something..

For the hungry fellas out there, let's dig in a little deeper..

You want more out of your life.

A stronger body, a better mindset, more enjoyment out of your life.. the feeling of satisfaction and pride that comes from DOING hard shit.

Let me roll through some ideas I have implemented in the past few years that have helped me:

-get stronger

-improve mental toughness

-gain clarity

-develop new creative ideas

-get in touch with my intuition---

  • Waking up early to WRITE-  Just let it rip-no censor-no punctuation- go nuts-write totally FREE
  • Daily walks in nature- if you have no access to a park or any kind of nature, that sucks. It needs to be in the woods or by water.
  • "Stacking" Habits- if you want to create a new habit, add it on to a habit you already have (doing pushups while the coffee brews)
  • Hard physical exercise every day for at least fifteen minutes (not every day has to be intense strength training- it can be sled drags, bodyweight circuits, bike ride, hill sprints..)
  • Take on new challenges (30 day cold shower challenge, daily pullup challenge etc..)

Each of these daily activities can CHANGE your life.

Start with one. Stick with it for a few weeks.

Add another one.

Or if you're an "all or nothing" kind of guy, go ALL-IN 100% and GET AFTER IT.

Listen to your heart.

That is one of the most important messages I want to share with you.

Take time each day to tune IN to yourself.

Find what you really crave in this life.

A sense of fulfillment?

To create something NEW that has never been said or done by anyone else?

Maybe you want to leave a legacy.. or create your OWN legend?

These daily STRONG habits will open the door for you.

It's up to you NOW.

Will you walk in?

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