You Have to Work that muscle called RESILIENCE

My car was stalled out.

Everything in my life was going wrong.

Dad showed up to help and gave me a good dose of his famous "Life Rules"..

I was not impressed.

Trying to hold back tears I said, "I have nothing in my life anymore..none of it matters.."

Then he really pissed me off with these words: "you better toughen up. Get over it and move on. You're better than that."

At that time I was so mad that I felt so weak.

Life was kicking my ass and I had no fight left.

I've had some challenges lately that have tested me.

Now I am better equipped to handle it.

I have resolve and resilience.

Knock me down, I'll get right back up.

This also connects to the other topic on my mind: What is the CATALYST for CHANGE?

For me it's to not be weak and lazy.

To be strong, driven, aligned with my spirit and my purpose. Never giving up. Facing fears daily.

Walking into the unknown and never backing down.

NEVER back down AGAIN.

RESILIENCE is one of those qualities we hear motivational speakers talk about- for good reason.. but it can be hard to define..

And hard to cultivate in yourself.

The BEST way to build your resilience is by walking into the fire.

Taking on challenges EVERY DAMN DAY.

It doesn't matter how big or small these challenges may seem to you.. what matters is that you are facing them all the time.

NEVER backing down.

And not only that but also


Where are your weak areas?

Tackle them.

No avoidance.

Building resilience is like training in the gym.

Start light and add a little more weight over time.

Keep pushing.

Once you reach a new level, set another goal, stretch to a bigger standard.

The CATALYST for change is not just what you see in the mirror.

That's fun, and has its place, but becoming the strongest version of you possible is more than just looks.

This is about finding out who you TRULY are.

What are you MADE of?

Going deep into your self and coming out with a mission.. a message.. a new purpose that will drive you to endure all kinds of pain that life will send your way.

Resilience needs to be worked at constantly.

-Start with a cold-shower challenge.

-I'm on day 4. It still sucks, but I'm doing it and going a little bit longer each day.

-Go for a daily walk in the woods.

-Wake up early to FREE-WRITE and get in touch with your goals/dreams/desires

-For every task you need to complete but don't FEEL like it.. don't think, just DO.

-Start a tally of all the times you overcame that weakness that said it's ok, you don't have to do that right now..

If you are with me on this journey, I want to help you achieve MUCH MORE in your life. That includes strength in body AND mind.

My new program is for the crazy rebel beasts that want to live at a HIGHER LEVEL and BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL.


-Strength Training

-Mental toughness workouts

-Strong eating habits

-Finding out your TRUE Purpose work

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