Press Workout - Badass Rebel Beast Program

Going random today.

Day 5 of the cold-shower challenge and I almost "forgot" again..

Funny how it's easy to forget something that is not comfortable.

Training today consisted of the PRESS. That's it.

45 minutes of putting weight overhead.

Simple. To the point. Minimalist. I loved it.

Headphones on.. old-school heavy tunes and getting in the ZONE.

Post-workout thoughts came rushing out of me..

I recorded them so I could share them later. Here they are:

I see you.

With fear in your eyes.

Saying you are doing "OK".

But not GREAT.

Holding back.

Not taking chances.

Worried you'll fail.

And what IF it doesn't WORK?

Then what?

That FEAR keeps you stuck.

It's quicksand.

Comfort must be battled

every day.

You know you are here for MORE.

Your dreams tell you.

They keep whispering in your ear.

GO. It's yours... get it.

But you hesitate.

You stop yourself.

And you put limits on your greatness.

It's the internal struggle. Ongoing. Eternal..

On the outside you aren't doing "too bad"..

But inside you are decaying...

A slow, quiet waste of your true GIFTS, dreams, and visions..


After I wrote those words, I started to think about how we NEED a wake-up call.

We need to step up.

Stop wasting time.

Life is fragile and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

So, it came to me.. I have been holding back too.

I need to step up.

When I KNOW I can help you with a program I create and I don't MAKE DAMN SURE that you know about it.

Offer it up as the LIFE-CHANGER that it is..

That's on me.

My mistake.

I've come to my senses.

FREE is often not valued.

You can learn everything you need online but you must TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

How many will do that?

Not many.

It hit me today that it's my duty and RESPONSIBILITY to offer you my BEST work, my BEST programs, and have no reservations or weirdness about selling them.

My newest creation is the BADASS REBEL BEAST PROGRAM

-An entire month of workouts

-Interval training- beast mode conditioning

-Strong Nutrition Plan

-Recipe ideas

-Keys to success with the program:

Structure/ Nutrition guide/Accountability- having a coach to check-in with weekly/ daily physical activity SCHEDULED.


I'm only taking on the first five badass rebel beasts so DO NOT WAIT.