What to DO when you get OFF schedule? Trap-bar Deadifts

You know when you have something important to do but suddenly doing laundry or cleaning the house sound like a better idea?

That's me today.

I am a creature of routine.

The weekends throw me off.

Today I didn't get my blog writing done at the usual time. As the day went on, I had less "motivation" to do it.

So here I am.

Forced myself to just sit down and start with one word.

Then a sentence. Then another..

NO ONE is 100% motivated and fired-up ALL THE TIME.

That's where habits and discipline come into play.

I may be off my typical schedule but I still do what NEEDS to be DONE.


It's not like anyone would call me out and say hey, you didn't write a blog today!

The reason I do this and train and the other important daily actions is because they are what I consider IMPORTANT.

Writing is PRIORITY.

Training is CRUCIAL.

Daily walks, journaling, reading inspiring, thought-provoking books.. IMPORTANT.

PUSHING myself OUTSIDE my comfort zone= HUGE. (day 6 of the cold shower challenge)

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

What are we going to DO with that time?

Looking ahead to my BIG goals, I know I need to do these daily activities to reach my short-term goals, which are the BUILDING BLOCKS of my big crazy unrealistic unbelievable oh my god how can you do that wow you sure you think you can I don't know GOALS..

Which reminds me-

NEVER let someone else's limited vision for their life affect your belief in YOUR own dreams/goals and visions for your life.

Life will throw you curveballs... potholes in the road.. obstacles are normal and to be expected..AND looked for.

As the book says "The Obstacle is the WAY"...

This morning I trained just one lift: Trap-bar Deadlifts.

Earlier this week I started to get pulled towards this idea of ONE-LIFT- A- DAY so I'm rolling with it.

Training for almost two decades has given me some insights.

I like to listen to my intuition and see where it takes me. With my training AND my clients.

This kind of training may not suit you right now.

But it might in a year... you change.. your body changes..new goals..different obstacles arise..

I say if something SPEAKS to you- GO for it.

Listen to it and follow it..

We all have this inner wisdom if we would just STOP and get quiet..

Find out what it is.. then TAKE IMMEDIATE action.

Get after it.

Which doesn't always mean go CRAZY and get uber INTENSE.

For you "getting after it" might be taking a walk every morning.

Or maybe it means doing two days of sprint intervals each week.

It might mean throwing out ALL the JUNK food in your kitchen..

For me it's doing ONE big lift a day.

Daily walks in nature.

Free-Writing every morning to start my day.

Cold-shower challenge. And whatever other challenges I start up.

Helping LIFT others up with my words, my knowledge and experience..

Taking my life to ANOTHER level.

Are you on the path, fighting your way through challenges?

Do you walk to the beat of your own drum?

I'm here for you.

If you need guidance on your journey I have a new program for you badass rebel beasts who need to get to another level.


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