How you Choose a Coach goes Beyond Physical Training



Think back to high-school. (I know it may be a LONG time ago haha)

Remember the people you liked hanging out with.

What was it about those folks that you liked?

Was it their style? The music they were into?

Maybe they played the same sport as you did.

But there was something else going on too...

A vibe.. a connection.. a deeper level of some unseen spark that you felt..

That invisible chemistry between people fascinates me.. and it got me thinking about how we find these KINDRED souls throughout life.

For example:

How do we CHOOSE a coach?

When you want to make a change in your life, what factors determine your decision?

There's plenty of factors to consider: financial, location, experience, referral, specialty, previous results..

But one that I rarely see talked about is VIBE/ INVISIBLE CHEMISTRY/ THE SPARK/ENERGY on a deeper level.

This one is WAY MORE important in my opinion.

I've learned this as a trainer, and in life.

You want to work with people who are a big HELL YES!

They say HELL YES to you, AND you say HELL YES to them.

Not everyone has to like what I do or what my vibe or my message is.

That's fine and now I realize it's actually ESSENTIAL.

To be who I am called to be, and give 100% of my LIGHT to those who feel the spark, I will have to filter OUT those who aren't aligned with me.

You can do the same.

Choose those you just KNOW deep inside your soul, are the ONES for you.

This goes beyond physical training, of course.

There's a million different trainers out there.. all kinds of training styles, philosophies, programs, specialties..

I'm not here to just write a workout or a diet plan.

My mission is to bring my LIGHT to the world, to fire you up to bring YOUR LIGHT out.

Strength Training is ONE essential component of that.

There are others too, like:


-Daily challenges

-Walking in nature


-Going within- deep breathing/meditation/mindfulness

-Alignment with your true PURPOSE

Finding my TRUE path is an ongoing adventure, and I have to tell you it's a combination of-








I'm grateful you are here on this path with me.

My hope is that you take what you read here.. and you vibe with.. and let it spark something in you..

So you LIFT up..get stronger.. in mind AND body..

And take it beyond just the workouts.. to lift others UP around you as well.

In your OWN way.

However your soul sees fit.

It won't look like anyone else's path.

You CREATE your OWN path.

We are rebel free-spirit creators.

If you need guidance, I'm here for you.

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