I used to be Weak and Lazy

strength essentials 716 overhead press

I used to be lazy.

I was a smoker.



Blowing in the breeze.

No purpose.

Without a mission.

A rebel without a cause.

Eventually I had enough..

I knew I had to change.

You know the phrase, "If I only knew then, what I know now"?

Yeah, I had no idea what I was doing back then.

All I knew was I had to start.

Lifting weights, running, eating better.


So when people look at me now and say I must have always been disciplined and driven, I laugh.

Nope. I was average . Normal. Mediocre.

Not standing out. Nowhere near my potential..

I'm still not at my full potential.

BUT, I'm much better than I was.

And growing.

That's what you have to aim for.




Getting better.

Living UP to your potential.

We know when we are living below our capabilities.

It's a sinking feeling in the gut.

I never want to feel that anymore.

It stings.

The pain of regret is much harder to deal with than the pain of discipline.

Weak and lazy.

Those words were me.

Never again.

Now I work every day to fight off those demons,

Training the body to be strong. Taking on challenges.

Building MENTAL TOUGHNESS by doing the hard shit. Doing the things you DON'T want to do.

Not just once in awhile, but EVERY DAMN DAY.

You either want it or you don't. There's no half and half here.

I tried that, believe me, it doesn't work.

It might take something extreme to WAKE you UP.

But just realize you don't need to wait for any sign from above.

I learned that the hard way too.

You CAN start RIGHT NOW.

Whatever it is you want to achieve.. whatever your potential is.. you CAN begin today. No one is holding you back but you.

It's you VS. you.

I can help you if you're ready to take action.

But you are the one who has to take the first step.

When you are ready, go apply for my custom coaching program HERE: