When Life FORCES you to take a Detour

When is the last time you had an insight?

A revelation.

Hell, call it an EPIPHANY.

This morning while writing in my journal this image came into my mind.

It was me about six or seven years ago..I was trying to get into this job with Customs.

When I applied I didn't think much of it. Just a job my friend at work mentioned..

Eventually I got into the process after passing the exam and the pre-training requirements.. but then there was a problem..

Around this time I had started to see myself in this job for the rest of my life. It was getting serious.

Then I failed the depth perception test.

It made no sense.

I had perfect vision.

Turns out when I had surgery many years before, something happened to my depth perception although I had adapted to it in my life without knowing it.

So instead of giving up, I found a vision therapy practice locally.

I suffered through this therapy for hours, after work, before work, before sleep.

And it was NOT CHEAP.

All with the hopes that I could improve my "depth perception" as tested by those 3d glasses and seeing the images pop off the slide.

Miraculously, I improved my depth perception enough to pass the test. I was set. I DID IT!

Then the economy collapsed and Customs had a hiring freeze.

When they opened hiring up I had to start the entire process over from the beginning.

This time I had to do a polygraph, which I failed.

Without going into detail, I smoked pot in college and I forgot that I did not include that in my original application.  (some five years prior)

I was crushed.

That job was my only plan.

Coming back full-circle to this morning writing in my notebook..

Now I can see WHY this happened.

That job was not my purpose here on earth.

For whatever reason, it was not meant to be..

It took awhile for me to align with my inner self.. to go within and listen..

That voice inside was telling me to write.. always to write.

But I also kept feeling a strong call to talk about my training in the gym.. my transformation..

How I started and what the process looked like.

That's when I started my first blog strengthessentials.net.

I wrote that blog for a few years, before deciding to take the plunge FULL-TIME into strength coaching.

Often we can't see the detour ahead.

We might be off-road and our spirit reaches out to get our attention.

OVER HERE... this is where you should be..

Align and grow into who we truly ARE.

Even if you don't get the outcome you want, it's still worth going after it.

I didn't get the result I wanted, but I can look back and be proud of my commitment, dedication and perseverance.

When life FORCES you to take a detour, it's usually for a reason.

Often that REASON is beyond our current ability to understand.

Looking back you realize, OHHH THAT'S why that happened, now I get it.

Maybe your immediate goal is to change your physical appearance.

Gain muscle, lose fat. Get stronger.

You may not reach your BIG goals.. but who you BECOME in the STRIVING to REACH those goals, is the true reward.

That's why those QUICK-FIX programs don't last. They don't change YOU on a deeper level, beyond six-pack abs or bigger biceps.

The detours in my life have brought me HERE. NOW.

To speak my message.

To spark your torch.

Become the greatest ME that I am called to BE.

And show you, that you CAN too.

I truly believe we are all here for a reason.

A higher purpose.

We can find it through the hard physical training.

In writing.

Walks in the woods.

Tuning IN to your intuition, that guides you to your true path.

The path LESS traveled.


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