Your Thoughts LIFT You Up or DRAG You Down

Talking to a guy at the gym this morning, his words struck a nerve.

We were talking about quitting smoking.

The language he used said NOPE. CAN'T. WON'T even try.

I'm no expert on addiction. I know how hard it is to quit smoking as I did it over thirteen years ago.

What's most important here is the mindset.

The mental attitude.

How we choose to speak to ourselves.

Do we believe we CAN?

Are we confident in ourselves?

Your thoughts will LIFT you UP or DRAG you DOWN.

It's your choice.

No one controls those thoughts but YOU.

One of the biggest breakthroughs of my life came from the decision to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my life.

Yes, there is plenty in life that is out of our control.

What DO we control?

Our mind.

The effort we bring to life.

Our dedication.



All these words that only carry weight if you GIVE them meaning.

By taking full responsibility for your life, EVERY SINGLE DAY (not just when it's convenient and easy), then you start to build yourself UP.

No longer do you blame anyone for your results.

It's not the world's fault you are stuck where you are.

We can only control our perspective and our attitude.

Thoughts will come and go. How we DIRECT them is key.

To build a strong habit that enhances your life, you start small.

Gain confidence.

Add a little more.

Just like Strength Training.

Begin NOW where you are.

Add more resistance the next time you train.

Then a little more..

Physical AND mental training are BOTH essential to fulfill your calling in life.

Do you want to look back at your life when it's over and say "I gave it all I had..I was TRUE to myself. I lived the STRONGEST life I could. No regrets"?

Then it's time to step it up.

Ask yourself:

Am I giving ALL I can each day?

Are my thoughts holding me back, or lifting me up?

The best time to start living to your potential was yesterday.

But today will have to do.

Need help getting started?

I got your back.


You get:

-16 Strength Training workouts

-Conditioning program to get in tip-top shape

-Mental toughness challenges DAILY

-Moral support- aka accountability through your coach- me- checking up on you

-Strong nutrition guidelines to eat for fuel/energy and strength

-BONUS - early riser guide to start your day STRONG with powerful strategies that get you on track with your inner self and what you want to achieve in life


P.S. I know deadlines are a great way to get your rear in gear. Without that sense of URGENCY, you may NEVER step up and get to work creating your best life possible.

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