Think about this-

Did you ever procrastinate on writing a paper for school?

Of course you did.

I was the KING procrastinator in school.


Why do we put it off?

Obviously we don't feel like it.

It's boring, tedious, hard.. we would rather do anything else other than sit down and write that paper.

Over time, this becomes a habit.

It CREEPS into other areas of our life.

What are you avoiding?

Right now, I bet there's something in your life you are procrastinating about.

And we justify it.

We think it's no big deal.

I'll get to it eventually.. we say..

I earned this time off.. or I deserve to watch tv, eat junk or whatever we choose to do instead of the thing we NEED to do..

This is why you NEED a DEADLINE.

That term paper is due tomorrow? I'll be up all night making sure I get it done!

Beyond school, what area do you need a deadline for?

When I decided to quit my office job that I felt was a dead-end street, to start personal training, I was scared.

I had no idea if it would work out.

But I set a deadline.

I met that deadline.

Maybe you need to give yourself a deadline.

But don't let it be TOO FAR out.

Make it for this month or this week.

Maybe you REALLY want some RESULTS in your life and you set the deadline for 24 hours.

NOW you are making shit happen.

Taking control of your life.

Becoming the strongest you possible.

There's NO guarantee that you will reach your goal.

But that doesn't matter.

What's important is not so much THE GOAL, but the PROCESS.

Who you become.

As you find out WHAT you are MADE of.


As you boldly step forward into your strength.

And find power you never realized you had INSIDE you.

But you will only know this satisfaction if you set that deadline and TAKE ACTION.

Every single day.

No days off.

Striving for a better day than yesterday.

It won't always happen but you PUSH anyway.


Every day.

If you need help getting STRONGER EVERY DAY, I have a program for you. With a DEADLINE.

So you don't put it off for another month, or a year..

You have 24 hours to get on board.

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-Daily challenges to give you new mental strength that will apply to every area of your life

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-Cardio/conditioning workouts to keep  your heart healthy and enhance your strength training and mindset

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