How to feel empowered instead of helpless


You know that feeling when you lay in the grass out in the country at night and look up at the stars?

It shows you how small you are in this incredible universe.

I had that feeling earlier today as I watched a video from 9-11, and also the Hurricane that is headed for the east coast tomorrow..

A helpless feeling.

How do you deal with that?

I didn’t feel like doing anything, to be honest.

But a voice inside me said GET UP. GO.

So I resisted for a few minutes, started this blog post and after a few minutes of messing around with the image, I got up, put my backpack on and went out the door.

Four miles and 57 pushups later, I was sweaty and back home.

That feeling of helplessness drove me to move.


When we can’t fix all the problems of the world, we have to focus on our own shit.

How can I improve?

What can I do to better myself and by doing so, help others?

I walked to my dad’s memorial and got the idea to do 57 pushups. (his age when he passed away)

That ruck and exercise made me feel much better.

Rather than just sitting around feeling helpless and upset, it’s always a good idea to get up and DO SOMETHING.

It doesn’t have to be a workout. Maybe you find some satisfaction from doing yard work.

Or taking a walk by water.

Maybe you play a sport like tennis or basketball.

Get moving and clear your mind.

The troubles of the world will always be there. Nothing we can do to make the world a perfect place.

But we CAN improve our own lives and thereby, the lives of those around us.


Training Tip of the Day

Programs are great and can be just what you need at times.

Other times you need a more general template.

And then there are times in your training career where you just need to go on instinct.

That’s been my training style lately.

Each day is different. There are no strict set and rep schemes.

If I’m feeling run-down I won’t force a day of heavy squats or deadlifts.

Elbows are achy? I’ll do something other than bench press.

There is ALWAYS another option besides the perfect plan you have on paper.

It takes many years of training to be able to train intuitively, but it’s not only reserved for the pros.

You need awareness of your body. A detailed training log helps.

Maybe most important, you need a sense of curiosity and an open-mind.

Like I said, programs and templates are great and most people NEED them. Just don’t think your training is pointless if you aren’t on some fancy routine.

Structure is useful but there’s also something truly exciting about finding your own path in training that evolves as you do.

If you want help getting started with an intuitive training plan- APPLY HERE for personal coaching.

We will get you started asap with a structure to allow you to train in a way that is enjoyable for you and brings you GREAT RESULTS.