There is no shortcut- Do the WORK


When I first got into fitness I was a skinny-fat kid who gained thirty pounds in college and was out of shape.

I had no clue what I was doing in the gym. Most importantly, I got started.

Two-three days per week I ran on the treadmill and lifted weights.

My body began to change.

Fat on my stomach went away. Muscles began to appear on my arms, chest, shoulders.

Eventually these "beginner gains" stopped and I had to figure out a better way of training.

Back then there was no internet. We had muscle magazines which were written mainly for pro bodybuilders who were on the juice.

In a way, I'm glad we didn't have the information we do now.

Nowadays, there's SO MUCH info that it can keep you from getting started and learning how to do things in the gym.

Yes, learning is great, and so is coaching. There's plenty of GOOD info and coaches out there who genuinely want to help.

But there is something pure and powerful about finding your own way.

There is no shortcut

I'm sure you've heard of the quick six minute abs programs and the easy diet that allows you to still enjoy all your favorite foods and the simple plan to make millions of dollars while you sleep..

All these QUICK, EASY, FAST marketing ploys we KNOW are bullshit.

Nonetheless, people buy them.


We want that shortcut.

It's only natural to want immediate gratification. Results that come quickly instead of the long, hard hours of consistent, persistent, patient focused grind..

In every area of life that I have worked to improve, I have come to this same conclusion- you have to WORK your tail off for something greater than what you have now.

Whether that's your physical fitness, your money, your business, your spiritual life, your home...

There is no quick path..

You have to take the path of MOST resistance.

When something is hard, you know you are on the right track.

Sure, there can be times of ease and fun and relaxation etc.. but when you are going AFTER a big goal, you KNOW it will take a ton of dedicated TIME, ENERGY and EFFORT.

Rather than waste any time, accept it.

Every time I find myself seeking a "hack" I inevitably come back to the realization that I am avoiding the work.

What absolutely NEEDS to be attacked RIGHT NOW.

Even with something as small as making the bed in the morning.

If I want to be a person who ALWAYS does what is necessary, especially those things I don't want to do, that includes making the bed when I get up.

That mindset runs through your life. From the small things you do everyday to the BIG achievements you have your set your sights on.

It feels good to push yourself to do those things.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable for a moment.

No, you don't wake up uber excited to do the hard work.

BUT you DO IT anyway.

What are you putting off right now that you KNOW you need to do?

That very thing can change your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem.


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