Ice Cream Diet- 32 Pound Weight Loss


Maybe you've heard of the twinkie diet? The guy ate twinkies and lost weight.

It's the old calories in vs. calories out debate.

If you consume less calories than your body burns you will lose weight. This has proven to be true in many studies.

There are problems with just focusing ONLY on calories.

In this new diet experiment, a man ate ice cream daily for 100 days and lost 32 pounds.

So maybe we should all just eat ice cream every day, track our calories and eat less than we burn daily and we will all lose weight!

Not so fast.

Why not?

Let's go right to what the man says in this article- here's the link-

This guy lost 32 pounds eating Ice Cream every day for 100 days.

“This diet was, hands down, without a doubt, the most miserable dieting adventure I have ever embarked upon,” he says.

He had no energy.

His diet of ice cream and protein shakes was lacking in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber..

He lost the desire to work out which caused a loss of muscle mass.

He was moody and not fun to be around.

From the article- But the scariest part, Howard-Crow says, was seeing how much muscle he lost. The 32 pounds he lost included a lot of muscle. “I was still not extremely lean,” he says.

If you look at the before/after photos you can see he lost weight but his body composition doesn't look much better.

That's the problem with focusing ONLY on weight loss through reducing calories at all costs without regard to the macronutrients in the diet.

I love experiments like this. They give us valuable information.

We can see that yes, calories do matter. We can also see the other effects that extreme diets can cause.

What do you think?

Have you tried any crazy diets? Would you like to eat ice cream every day? Haha, who wouldn't?!

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