Intermittent Fasting Articles/ General Diet Advice

I found some old articles from (2011-2012) about intermittent fasting. I'll be sharing them this week as they are still relevant.

What's interesting to me is how intermittent fasting got big around that time and now it's picking up steam again.

This post isn't about intermittent fasting or any other specific diet strategy. This is about finding a diet that WORKS FOR YOU.

No Diet Works For Everyone

For every person who says that this diet or that diet helped them lose 30 pounds, there is someone else out there who struggled to lose 5 pounds with that same diet plan.

Same goes for training programs, by the way, but let's stick to diets here.


It Worked For Me!

Let's look at the example of a family member or friend who lost weight following some popular diet.

They rave about this diet. It saved their life! It's so easy, all you have to do is this and that..

Here's the problem.

We are all different. What may work for a 29 year old male who works in a factory will probably not work for a 55 year old sedentary woman working an office job.

This is where coaching is so beneficial.

Coaches Have More Experience

If I try the intermittent fasting diet and have great results I know it worked for me and maybe it will work for other guys like me.

BUT this is not guaranteed.

When I work with 10 clients who try intermittent fasting, I get valuable feedback I can use for the next guy.

A coach can see patterns. He knows what works for each situation and if not, he has more experience with changing on the fly.

This is also crucial for saving time on a diet that may not be ideal for you. Having a coach find this out right away will not only save you time and energy but keep you from getting frustrated. The good coach can shift your plan to something better suited for you and you can keep making progress.

Remember this when your friend has success on a diet and you try it and fail.

Don't take it personal!  It may not be the ideal diet plan for your needs.

Stay tuned for those articles on intermittent fasting: the benefits AND the drawbacks.

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