Magic Diet Plan/ Perfect Training Program

"Trail Magic" photo by  Rob Bertholf

"Trail Magic" photo by Rob Bertholf

What I’m about to tell you will change your life.

I have found the magic diet. Plus I figured out the perfect strength training program.

One more thing I discovered: the secret supplement to achieve all fitness goals!

It can all be summed up in one word.


I had you going there for a second didn’t I?

How many times have we been led to believe that there is a magic diet/ program/supplement that will grant our fitness wishes? I’m sure it’s happened to most of us at least once.

Consistency and hard work= success.

Without consistency you won’t achieve anything in the gym or in life.

Whether you want a 5 plate deadlift, less body fat, to finish a triathlon, win a championship, build a successful business, have more energy, lower your blood pressure..etc. you have to do what it takes every day to achieve it.

This is not groundbreaking but it’s important to be reminded. There are no shortcuts. No easy way. If it was easy everyone that picked up a barbell would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and everyone that writes a poem would become the next Robert Frost.

To become something great, to achieve something exceptional, you have to work your tail off and stick with it for a long time. Practice your craft. Practice your lifts. Make healthy nutrition a daily priority.

Stick to the plan and work very hard. Stop looking for that next magic diet or super supplement to get you ripped abs in 4 weeks.

Train Hard but Smart

This popular phrase is tossed around for advanced lifters. It’s true for someone who is overzealous and naturally athletic and who loves being in the gym. This person may need to slow down and realize it’s a marathon not a sprint.

But for the trainee who doesn’t enjoy training and tends to skip days at the gym, or has a crappy diet, they need the “work very hard” phrase.

There are no magic pills.

No magic diet and no magic programs. The true power is within you. It comes from your will and your battle with the iron. It’s in your mind and heart.

For me this realization was liberating. I am responsible for my results. If I train hard four days a week and stick to my nutrition plan 90% of the time, I know I will get stronger physically and mentally.

Find a decent program from a respectable coach; 531, Starting Strength, or one of Bill Starr’s programs.

Sign up here for a custom program.

Create your own if you have enough experience and knowledge about yourself. Follow it as long as you can. Make minor adjustments along the way but keep the principle of the program intact.

Patience and Persistence

Commit to 2-4 days a week and don’t skip days. Don’t skip meals. If you do, get back on track as quick as possible and forget about it. You are human, not a machine but you need to hold yourself accountable.

Stick to the basics of nutrition.

Whole foods should make up the majority of your diet, plenty of protein and carbs, with some good fats to balance everything out. Drink lots of water. Rest and relax. If you need more information on nutrition plans I have written articles like these

Have you looked long and hard for that quick fix? Stop searching. Put your energy into doing high quality work and eating right on a consistent basis. There are no magic pills.

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