Movement is medicine


When I started my first blog about eight years ago, my intention was to write about the “essentials” of strength. No surprise right?

Much has changed in eight years, of course. What hasn’t changed is my belief in the power of strength training and becoming the best version of you possible.

I’ve gone through many programs in those years, learning and adapting along the way.

At one point I was convinced that you ABSOLUTELY had to use barbells or you wouldn’t fulfill your potential.

While I still use the barbell myself and for my clients, I no longer think it’s the only way to train. It’s not essential that every person does a barbell bench press.

After working through various injuries, I realized that the barbell wasn’t ALWAYS optimal for my training goals.

It’s a great tool, no doubt but the message I want to get across is that you don’t have to train with a barbell to get stronger and in better shape.

Sure, the barbell can help you get stronger but if you don’t have access to one, that’s no excuse to do avoid working out.

There are plenty of examples around the world of people training with all kinds of equipment and programs or NO equipment AT ALL!

Never let a lack of weights or a gym membership stop you from working on your physical body to get stronger, build muscle and improve your conditioning.

Today I didn’t have time for much training at the gym but I still got in a hard non-stop bodyweight training session.

Later, I went hiking with my daughter and niece.

You have to find ways to move.

Make sure the people in your life know that you want to be more active and you have some health and fitness goals.

Sometimes we assume people know what our intentions are but maybe they don’t.

There will always be folks who don’t want you to change or start new habits because that makes them uncomfortable.


Seriously. Life is too short to have people like that in your life.

I know it’s not a popular thing to say but I always have the rebel in me so I’ll say it- often you have to cut people out of your life that you thought would be there forever.

Heavy duty, yes. But man, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Life is amazing but it’s also fragile.

We can be gone in an instant.

Why waste time and energy on people who want to bring you down and add NOTHING of value to your life?

OK, back to training.

Final thoughts-

Do SOMETHING every day.

Get moving.

Be active.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do.

Yes, lift weights 3-4 times a week.

But you can do plenty more each day.

Even on “rest” days. Move around. Do some bodyweight exercises. Stretch. Try something new like yoga or tai-chi.

Run, bike, row, rollerblade, swim..


Move every day as much as possible.

If you find yourself sitting for too long, get up and do something. Planks, reverse crunches, pushups.

Make it your mission to do some kind of workout every day.

I’m convinced that we ALL need to do some sort of movement every single day.

Not just getting up to go the the fridge or walk from our car to the office.. we are capable of MUCH more.

We have evolved to move for hours and miles at a time.

Constant sitting is detrimental to the body.

We all know this instinctively.

But you gotta DO it.

Pick a time to do it daily.

Or find little pockets to do mini-workouts.

Even five minutes here and there, a few times a day will add up over time.

Start today.

I know you are capable of MUCH more.


For a custom training plan go to this page: TAKE ACTION