Powerful mindset shift that will help you overcome any plateau


It's Sunday morning.

No need to set the alarm clock.

You can sleep in.

Get an extra hour of rest.

You need it.

Then the day starts.

You have your cup of coffee.

Outside it's cold and rainy.

You think of what you can do to delay the inevitable.

The last thing you want to do is go outside.

Even though it's just a walk and quick workout.

At this point, putting your laundry away sounds like a better idea!

So you finish your coffee, get your coat on and go outside.

After a few minutes you realize it's not as bad as you expected.

Then as you are making your way through the park you see a playground with monkey bars.

You decide to jump up, grab on and hold for as long as possible.

That felt good.

Now you're really rolling.

Keep walking along. It's time to head home.

You have good momentum..

Suddenly you find yourself running across the street to avoid traffic...

It hits you.

I could stop OR I could keep running.


I know I should run a little more..

It's that moment where you can choose a POWERFUL mindset shift that will help you overcome any plateau in your life.

That moment is KEY.

What do you choose?

I was faced with that moment this morning...

I kept running..

Walked a little more...

That voice started up again... I ran again..

You have the power within you.

Only if you act on it.

Don't let those moments pass you by every day without taking advantage of the HUGE potential to accelerate your growth.

Be great.

When you're ready (no one is ever truly "ready")

I'll be here with the program you need to get you STRONG FOR LIFE.

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